Stories of Change
Stories of Change
26 September 2014
Restoring Family Pride: Kavita Devi gets Toilet Constructed!

It is ironical to know that the very social reputation for which one works so hard, withers away the moment wealth is lost. Who would know this better than Kavita Devi. Barely 42 years of age, she lost her husband, Kapil to grave illness. Kapil had established a good reputation within the society and it was because of this that his neighbours shared their toilet with his family. But, as soon as he passed away, such basic and inexpensive support was also snatched from Kavita Devi's hand. She not only had to worry about rearing the family but also find an alternative to provide privacy and safety to herself and her growing daughter for answering nature's call. She started earning livelihood by selling beedi's or local cigarettes but this income was too meagre to support even the basic family needs, so constructing a toilet was out of question. But this ordeal of 'open defecation' was a constant threat and a matter of social shame. However, one day, Kavita happened to attend a community meeting organized by PSIs 'Saadhan Sanitary Mart' (SSM). In the meeting, Manmohan from SSM explained the harms of open defecation, importance of hygiene and how quality toilets could be built at an affordable price. She was eager to know further about the quality and the futures of the toilet but the price made her gloom. She explained her situation to Manmohan and asked if there was a solution.

Manmohan felt the pain of widowed Kavita Devi of having to find bushes every day for nature's call. He shared that SSM offered easy loan facility and he assured Kavita Devi that "Saadhan Suvidha" will help her to solve the problem and asked her to put a loan application for the toilet. It was unbelievable for Kavita Devi that someone could provide loan for constructing a toilet, this news struck her with surprising happiness. Manmohan took her case through "Saadhan Suvidha" to the microfinance agency and made sure that the loan amount was released in time.

Manmohan also organised a visit of "Saadhan Suvidha" technical expert to the construction site. The technical experts oriented the mason and supervised the construction work. He further took Kavita Devi's case to the "Saadhan Suvidha" local franchise who readily constructed a substructure for the toilet at Kavita Devi's place.

Now, no member from Kavita Devi's house goes for open defecation. The toilet has given a confidence to Kavita Devi to stand in the community with pride and she is happily paying the loan.

15 May 2014
By using Freedom-5 Munni and her family live tension free.
Munni and Ravi with their children


Munni_and_Ravi.gifMunni w/o Ravi Kumar belongs to middle class family. They are living in Doraitha no-2 Gali no- 3 with their have four children. Their monthly income is below 5000 Rs. She is a very intelligent woman. Munni always has a dream us and our two children but their dream never comes in true. When her two children .She try to use various contraceptic like oral pill and condom for staying gape among children for two to three years. But these all methods are not suitable for her.  She always asked to her husband oral pills put harm in her body. So their husband counseled her to quit the oral pills. Also her husband never use condom continuously. As a result their other two children came in very soon in there life. Munni thinked that to use IUD or permanently method but there surrounding places always make barriers like...  “Operation creates lots of problem where IUD is an infection able think”   to take decision. She is always living with afraid for their future and how she can care their family in daring life.  One day our IPC Geeta meet to Munni and counseled her for freedom-5.Our IPC also try to reduce their myth and misconception in time to time. One day Munni talked with her husband and they both taken decision to use Freedom-5. After talked with her husband Munni called to our IPC and told their decision. On the day of 11th December 2009. She has taken decision to take freedom-5 through Dr.Sudha Bansal. Now this till date Munni living very happily with their family. Munni also counseled their neighbors and friends to use freedom-5 and living tension free for five years.


15 May 2014
Sarshwati is a relieved woman who doesnt have to worry about pregnancy as she has got an IUCD.
Sarshwati with her younger children


image001.gifThis is story of Sarshwati.She is only 20 years old. Sarshwati belongs to very lower class family and her husband Dinesh is daily staff in shoe factory. Sarshwati also sewing shoe in there home (Doraitha no-2, Near Panchayat Ghar) to earn some money to survive their family. Sarshwati have seven children. Among these children the youngest child has been only in one year old. Sarshwati know some contrseptiac method like… contraceptic pills, condom and IUD. But they never use these things. Few years before she purchase contraceptic pill but never use it. She has lots of misconception regarding these methods. She was married with Dinesh in very youngest age. In very short time period she has became a seven children mother. Last few months before she is very tentionized for their future. I.e. how we can successfully survive our family if any one child again came in our life. She wanted to use any family planning method. But due to there myths and misconception she has no any choice to use any contraceptic method. On that time our IPCs intrven on this area. During worked hour our IPC meet to Sarshwati and providing counseling services to her for our freedom-5. We have also providing counseling services through our Sadhan Network Doctor and trying to reduce their myths and misconception in follow up visit. After all Sarshwati taken decision to use Freedom-5. Now these day Sarshwati living very happily with their family. And also help to our field staff during any events and meeting.


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